Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Self Serving Military Chopper Disobeys Orders / Apples New Line

Since so many people have been commenting on the last post about how terminator will be occuring in real life soon, well it may already have, 5 days ago a military Helicopter when rogue when a section of its programing was corrupted by a software error.

"US Navy captain Tim Dunigan told Aviation Week that an MQ-8 "Fire Scout" robochopper, carrying out a test flight from the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland, “lost link and proceeded 23 miles north/northwest into restricted airspace,” on August 2.

The statement from Dunigan continues to add that “the operator team shifted to another ground control station, restoring link and successfully commanding the vehicle to recover at Webster Field”.

Av Week also quotes Rear Admiral William Shannon as attributing the problem to a "software logic flaw"."

The government has claimed that we have nothing to worry about however as they located the anomaly and rewrote the code, and have placed further restrictions on development of robotic  military vehicles, so hopefully no skynet... 


In other news Apple Launched its revamped iPod line today, with the re-appearnce of apple tv. a product that flopped when consumers realized it could only view content approved and sold by apple. This will still be the case, but the content has recieved price drops in addition to support from Fox and ABC also the box will recieve a price cut from its outrageous 299$ to 99$. Personally I'll be waiting for google TV which is supposed to allow internet video and content from non-google sources, and will be out in just a few months.

 "It's also an iPhone without a contract," Jobs joked.
  The new line up of iPod touches are here, and appear to be exactly that, an iPhone, without the phone, not as if the iPhone was ever a decent phone anyway given the attena problems, and its poor service from AT&T. And job's lack of mentioning the iPod classic they may be considering dropping the line as it doesn't match the ascetics of other apple products (completely my hypothesis) 


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