Friday, September 3, 2010

PS3 Hackchip Ban Upheld In AUS / Programing Released as Open Source

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About a week ago I posted an updating discussing the new PS3 hackchip and sony's move to ban the chip. The band was upheld earlier today. The Australia ban prevents resellers OzModChips, ModSupplier and Quantronics from importing or distributing the device in Australia, and names the supplier as Chinese firm China Sun Trading Limited. All companies were asked to turn over any remaining dongles, but the legal war is still raging, especially with the new news related to this. A PS3 hack group has officially released the firmware that the USB dongles ran on! Unsigned code on the PS3 and disk back ups and playing games directly off the HDD is finally here! Piratefags and Homebrewers alike rejoice!

To use the file:
1. Download the file
2. Buy a USB micro-controller AT90USBKEY ($31) models(* AT90USB162 * AT90USB646 * AT90USB647 * AT90USB1286 * AT90USB1287 * ATMEGA32U4) Teensy++ USB Development Board ($24) or These Blackcat Boards
3. Flash the file onto the hardware
4. Plug into PS3, install
5.  ??????
6. Profit~!!
7. Enjoy!!

Who knows what sony will do to try to stop it though.


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