Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stock trends: Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Apple

I don't know how many of you guys pay attention to stocks, but its been a fairly hard year for Yahoo Who just recently lost their head of social platforms.
  "In yet another major departure from Yahoo in recent days, Yahoo VP for Social Platforms Neal          Sample has left the company for eBay, where he will be the chief of the e-commerce giant's               architecture."
Yahoo owner of Yahoo Domains /Domain names Yahoo /Yahoo Search and current partner with microsoft in the "Bing" search engine has been suffering lately. I'm sure many of you have seen their advertisements on TV to bring back their success, but with other engines moving so far past them its hard to see they're future going well. Many of the people who once used Yahoo Search have changed to "Bing" because of their more stern privacy policy then either goggle or Yahoo. But microsoft has had more of a problem converting google users who are for the most part too set in their ways to even try another engine.

This has shown strongly in the stock figures. Microsoft despite the success of its Windows 7 operating system is still having problems getting people with slower computers to upgrade from XP as a result of this and their efforts in making the Bing search engine they have fallen just over 3% this last year.

Google doing the best has suffered as well, although whether this is a direct result of bing or because of internal struggles in the company is not totally clear.

Yahoo/ Yahoo Domains / Domain Names Yahoo has suffered the worst falling just over 9.5% this year alone.

Disproportionately Apple (AAPL) has grown 42% although based on current trends that should shrug its way down. As the release of the iPhone 4 has the stock over-inflated as well as the release of the Apple iPad which drove the stock up almost 20% overnight, despite its almost uselessness in everyday life.

I guess if theres one major thing to take away from this is: steer clear of Yahoo, they are having serious problems, Microsoft and Google are good for the long haul, but if you feel like making some serious cash quick, wait for the announcement of apple's next "Wonder device" and buy buy buy, apparently shiny aluminum toys with an "i" in the product name are worth their weight in gold.

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